Election 2016: The Sham and the Scam

By Mr. E

[ NOTE: The writer is an Independent, "NPA / No Party Affiliation,"
not a Democrat or Republican, and is not supporting any candidate

As election day and January 20 get closer, imagine this:

The entire election proceedings/procedure, meaning the primaries, the caucuses, the conventions, the debates even, maybe or probably even the election voting itself in November 2016 may be a sham, a scam, and for naught.

Please consider for a moment this possibility:

After a very, very long list of instances where president barak hussein obama has in fact said words and done actions that revealed his deep sympathies to our enemies including Iran who is among the biggest terrorists on the planet now, and other similar more covert actions, imagine if some type of "national emergency" or police state is declared in america between the November voting and the "inauguration".

Simply put, king obama is islam’s representative to take over america and turn it into a country run according to muslim laws. Therefore all non-muslims will face the choice of either a) exile, b) exhorbitant, disproportionate taxes, or c) execution (YES, THEY KILL NON-muslims).

Underneath at least 2 Walmart’s in Texas, and one Walmart in each of California, Florida and Oklahoma [and possibly other places] that experienced suspicious sudden closure in mid-April 2015, are already in place the preparations for once a declaration of martial law is made and the president directs the military to basically take over the country. Operation "Jade Helm 15", which claims to include training exercises for/involving elite military personnel including Navy SEALS and Green Berets, took place in 17 cities in Texas during July through September 2015:


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Thinking of presidential behavior over the past 8 years, this possibility does not seem far-fetched at all.

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