The 'Failure of Epic Proportions' at United Airlines Tells the True state of Democracy and Individual Rights in the U.S.

By Mr. E

[ NOTE: The writer is an Independent, "NPA / No Party Affiliation,"
not a Democrap or Republicant, and is not supporting any candidate

It has been proven again, very recently, how worthless, hollow and simply false are the idealistic statements about the u.s.a. being a leading "democratic" country.

Because when individual rights even to simple human dignity came into conflict with the will and pressure of A CORPORATION, the brutal police state was called in and acted (not at all surprisingly) on behalf of the corporation directly against the individual, in a manner not benefiting the public whatsoever.

If anyone needed to be reminded, the 'failure of epic proportions at United Airlines' proves once again that brutal authority is still used today by the power elite.

No resident of the u.s.a. should feel safe following this latest incident.

And of course, it's not only United Airlines.

It has been far more common for the authorities to side with, and be used as enforcers by, corporations against individuals in the u.s.a. than the opposite.

Those who want to keep living in fantasyland and dreamworld about the greatness of "democracy" and "individual rights" in amerikkka need to wake up quickly, because reality is vastly different.

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